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This is a documentation on how you can integrate your software to Qloud ID app for login
How to connect with API

Information to connect Qloud ID app

We have an hybrid app that runs on iOS and android both plateforms. If we want to wake Qloud ID app from adroid plateform app we need to hit following url from our app (for now we have developed this for WORQ)


If we are using iOS platefporm we need to hit :- com.Qloudid.Url to wake Qloud ID app

  • Now on Qloud ID user is asked to enter password and verify him self (for completing this step user must be connected to a valid certificate on Qloud ID app).
  • When user hit submit after entering pin api call is sent and checked if user password is correct or not
  • After successful completion on API we receive a session on Qloud ID that is sent back to WORQ and using this session WORQ can fetch user details from Qloud ID web.
  • To wake WORQ from Qloud ID we are using following URL for android and iOS:
  • https://NoffaPlusApp.com/{session}
  • com.NoffaPlusApp.Url/{session}
  • If session is not equal to 0 we call following API from WORQ sendiing session received as a parameter
  • https://www.qloudid.com/user/index.php/QloudidApp/verifyInterAppSession
  • If session is a valid session we receive a json with values {"user_id":1,"result":1}


  • To connect with other apps we need the url to be hit from Qloud ID after successful login
  • Also when other app will hit Qloud ID we will provide them a key when then provide consent to use the Qloud ID app
  • Right now API is sending desired information for WORQ only we can make changes on API or provide a different API for each app based on their data requirements.